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2004-10-27 10:42 UTC (dubravka.stepic@biodiv.org)
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2010-01-18 14:14 UTC (intern.ross.carroll@cbd.int)
Date of publication
2010-01-18 14:14 UTC (intern.ross.carroll@cbd.int)

General information
Title of the initiative
BIOTECanada Training in Biosafety
Contact person
Ms. Joyce Groote
130 Albert Street, Suite 420Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5G4Canada
Beneficiary country(ies)
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Mexico
  • CBD Regional Groups - Latin America and the Caribbean
Type of initiative
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Ending date
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Agency(ies) or Organization(s) implementing or sponsoring the initiative (Additional Information)
  • Organization: BIOTECanada
  • Type of Organization: Industry
Budget information
International Development Research Agency
Pan-American Health Organization
Availability of funds for participants
Activity details
Description of the initiative
The project involved a series of training workshops and seminars in selected Latin American countries. The Seminar on Harmonization of Biosafety Regulations focused on training of Mexican regulatory officials and researchers on the need to harmonize biosafety regulations vis-à-vis the North American Free Trade Agreement. The Workshop on Biosafety in Agricultural and Agri-Food Biotechnology focused on training Argentinian regulatory officials and researchers on risk assessment and information sharing. The Workshop on Introduction to Risk Assessment and Management: Elements for Setting Policies in Environmental Health focused on discussion of guidelines for establishing suitable policies and strategies in the risk assessment and management process.

National level activities
Development of national biosafety frameworks
Human-resources development
Risk assessment
Objective and main expected outcomes or lesson learned
Harmonization of Biosafety Regulations in the selected countries of Latin America vis-à-vis the North American Free Trade Agreement.

To train regulatory officials and researchers on guidelines, policies and strategies for biosafety risk assessment and management.
General thematic area(s)
  • Human resources capacity development and training
  • Risk assessment and other scientific and technical expertise
Additional Information
Additional Information
Other collaborating organizations
Government agencies in Mexico, Chile, Argentina
Canadian government departments
United States government departments