National Node of the BCH

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of generic questions/answers is available at the CBD Web site: http://www.biodiv.org/biosafety/faqs.asp. Below is an additional list of questions/answers:

Who can put information on the BCH?
Government Departments or Agencies that have being designated by the NEA to do so. Registering and updating information on the BCH is restricted to the NEA.

What are the Language requirements of the BCH?
Information should be submitted to the BCH in a UN official language (English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French or Russian).

What is the purpose of the BCH and why is it so important?
It enables Governments to implement the Protocol. It provides a repository of up-to-date information on LMOs and biosafety.

What is the role of the BCH?
Under Article 20, the Cartagena Protocol establishes the Biosafety Clearing House (BCH). The Protocol sets out two functions for the BCH: (a) To facilitate the exchange of scientific, technical, environmental and legal information on, and experience with, LMOs. (b) To assist a Party to implement the Protocol.