National Node of the BCH

Competent National Authorities

The National BCH Network comprises five key institutions, namely:

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), University of Guyana (UG), National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), Ministry of Health (MOH), Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) and Guyana Consumers Association (GCA).

Each institution can enter data and this will then be forwarded to the National Executing Agency-Focal Point (EPA) for validation. Each institution has designated a Senior Official to be responsible for communicating the data to the NEA-FP.

The EPA (http://www.epaguyana.org) is the lead Agency for the BCH. The Agency is also the Focal Point for the Convention on Biological Diversity the Focal Point for the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety. The Agency is therefore responsible for the coordination of all matters relating to biosafety. This is done through collaboration with the relevant institutions. In addition to being the NEA for the BCH Project, the EPA is also the NEA Focal Point with the responsibility to receive and validate information from the other networked institutions for its publication on the BCH.

The University of Guyana (http://www.uog.edu.gy/) would provide technical input to the BCH Project, and would assist in the identification of the needs and available mechanisms for education, awareness and research.

The National Agricultural Research Institute (http://www.sdnp.org.gy/minagri/nari/generalinfo.htm) has a very strategic role in the BCH. The mandate of NARI includes conducting research and technology transfer to improve and sustain agricultural production in Guyana. Research information and legislation (proposed and existing) which can impact on food production in Guyana is needed, and this will be facilitated through the link with NARI.

The Ministry of Agriculture (http://www.sdnp.org.gy/minagri/moa_mfcl/index.htm) has the overall responsibility for the development of the agriculture sector in Guyana. The Ministry has specific responsibility for Fisheries, Crops and Livestock. The MoA also issues licence for agricultural imports and exports in addition to licencing by the Customs Department of the Guyana Revenue Authority.

The Ministry of Health (http://www.health.gov.gy) is responsible for establishing and implementing health policy and standards, accrediting facilities and identifying the human resource requirements for the sector throughout the country.It has responsibility for the procurement and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in all Regions.

The Guyana Consumers Association collaborates with the Guyana National Bureau of Standards and the Analyst Department to assist in the importation of better goods and maintenance of quality and safety of products.This association also represents issues, such as Genetically Modified foods at other National levels.